What to avoid if you want to look sane in the dating world

The dating world can be intimidating, especially for those who haven’t been in it for a while. You can drive yourself crazy thinking about what you should and shouldn’t do or say when you are out with someone new. Dates can be tricky situations since you don’t know the person that much yet and can often feel like you are walking through a minefield while trying to look sophisticated, eating your dinner at the same time. 

Oftentimes, there are things that people can say or do that can make them look crazy to the person they met via online dating. Here are a few things that you should really avoid if you want to look sane in the dating world:


Avoid talking about topics like your ex, your pets, or your kids

Going on a date with someone is a means of getting to know each other more and seeing if you have things in common. However, some topics aren’t worth dwelling on just to keep the conversation going. A few of the worst things that you can keep talking about on a date is your ex, pets, or children. Although they can be interesting topics when mentioned organically and in passing, spending more than five minutes on those subjects can make you look a little nutty. 

Relax with messaging after the date

So you had a great time on your date, so what’s your next move? If you have already messaged your date a day or so after telling them how much you’ve enjoyed and hope to see them again, then just relax and wait for them to respond. Obsessively checking your phone or even messaging them can make you come across as being needy or desperate.

If the person you had a date with had as great a time as you, then they should respond to your message soon enough. If they don’t, then it probably means that they aren’t looking for a second date. Try not to bombard them with a string of messages in hopes that they reply to one of them. Likely, they will just get annoyed and decide not to respond altogether.

Stop reading between the lines

Most of the time, the things that your date tells you is pretty much all there is to it. Once you get home, don’t overanalyze every bit of your conversation, thinking that there may be hidden meanings to what they are trying to say. This is especially true when it comes to men. They usually tell you things as they are and don’t put hidden meaning when they say they’re “doing great” or something of the sort. 

Don’t take things too seriously, especially when sex dating. This will help you avoid meaningless confrontations about misunderstanding something they’ve said. Keep in mind that among the thousands of people online, there are those who also have their apprehensions. You may think that a beautiful lady would be self-confident, but she might be heartbroken. People have feelings, and the best approach is to be there, offering your good looks and pleasing personality as good company.